How do I resolve my 'Correct Income' obligation?

The 'Correct Income' obligation occurs when Leif identifies a gap between the income reported on our platform and what was identified in your income documents, like pay stubs or tax documentation. The most common reason for this is that all income earned in a year, even if it is not qualified income, has not been reported.

To resolve this obligation can be completed using the following process:

  • After logging into the Leif platform, click on 'Income.'

  • Roughly halfway down the page, you will see an area that looks like the image below. This includes the period we verified, the source documents, our calculation of your earned income based on the provided documents, and your current reported income to Leif for that period.  

    • 'Our Calculation' reflects the income validated from your submitted documents. For tax reconciliation, this calculation is less any reported and verified spousal income or unemployment income.
    • 'Period' reflects the period of time the income was validated for. For tax reconciliation, this period is the entire tax year. 
    • 'You Reported' reflects any reported income reported to Leif for that defined period. This includes qualified income used to determine payments and non-qualified income excluded from payment calculations. For more information on what income to report click here.

  • To resolve this obligation you can update the reported income in your income reports. This chart can also be found on the 'Income' page and looks like the image below.


  • To update your income reports, you can click the arrow next to 'Income Reports' to navigate to the appropriate calendar year. From there, you can add or modify reported income based on when the monthly income was earned. If you have questions on how to do this two particular articles you may find useful are:

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